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Stably USD


Stably USD Price USDS

0.00003534 BTC
0.02747851 XCH
Low: $1.0127
High: $1.0681

Stably USD Token

ASSET ID: c312d127f9c4aca1cb127d9ce4661b6e0800287be4b19

Issue Time: 12-18 03:59
# Markets Pairs Price Volume Volume % Update
1 XCH/USDS $1.03550,02747725 XCH $973.80 100,00% 17 minutes

Stably USD information

The current market value of the Stably USD coin is around 3.249.219,00 USD, with a circulating supply of 3,101,288 USDS coins and is ranked #3 Staff has at their disposal 1,000,000,000 USDS, that are prefarm for the development and growth of Stably USD.

It is currently trading at about 1,0355 USD. The highest price recorded in 24 hours is 1,0681 dollars, while the lowest price recorded in 24 hours is 1,0127 dollars with a fully diluted market cap of 3.249.219,00 USD. Price change occurred the 24 Hours duration is -1.71% while in dollars it's -0.0177294667801 USD.

Its symbol available for purchasing purposes on exchanges is USDS. It's readily available for trading on the exchanges above mentioned.

Chia Asset Tokens (CATs)

CATs are tokens that you can create and/or trade on Chia's blockchain. The issuers of these tokens create the rules for their minting and retirement, using a "Token and Asset Issuance Limiter" (TAIL). The owners of these tokens have control over how they may be spent. CATs can be implemented as stable coins, stock issuance tokens, voting shares, or anything else you can think of. For more info, you can read about the nomenclature of CATs.

1h 24h 7d 14d 30d
$1.0519 $1.0532 $1.1640 $1.0295 $0.9901

#1 Chia(XCH)

  • Price: $37.684
  • Market Cap: $150,208,650.00
  • Supply: 3.986.006 XCH
Chia Holiday 2021

#2 Chia Holiday 2021(CH21)

  • Price: $9.5932
  • Market Cap: $28,779,600.00
  • Supply: 3.000.000 CH21
Stably USD

#3 Stably USD(USDS)

  • Price: $1.0355
  • Market Cap: $3,249,219.00
  • Supply: 3.101.288 USDS

#4 Chives(XCC)

  • Price: $0.0020
  • Market Cap: $584,225.00
  • Supply: 292.112.600 XCC

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USDS Statistics

Stably USD Price Today

Stably USD Price

Price Change

Price BTC
0.00003534 BTC

Price ETH
0.00000000 ETH

Price XCH
0.02747851 XCH

Market Cap

Stably USD Price Yesterday

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Yesterday Volume

Yesterday Change

Stably USD Supply

Circulating Supply
3,101,288 USDS

Stably USD Prefarm
1,000,000,000 USDS

Total Supply
1,003,101,288 USDS

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Stably USD Markets
# Markets Pairs Price Volume Volume % Update
1 XCH/USDS $1.03550,02747725 XCH $973.80 100,00% 17 minutes